But Paul Said….Dietary Laws

But Paul Said….we could eat anything set before us.  Many Christians believe the dietary laws set out in the Tanakh were done away with.  Yet in Matthew 5 Yeshua said the Torah would not go away until heaven and earth pass away.   Hmmm.  There are many verses Christians use to say believers can eat whatever is set before us.   The verse in Mark 7:19 tells us that Yeshua thus declared all foods clean.  It cannot be both.  Peter tells us in Acts 10 that his lips have never touched unclean food.  Yet, this vision in Acts 10 occurred well after the events in Mark 7.  Certainly Peter did not forget what Master Yeshua said did he?

I was going to write a great blog on this topic, until I read the article contained in the link I provide below.  I could not really add to much to it so I thought I would just post the link to the posts.  There are 3 parts to the article.  Let me know what you think!






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